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Specialists in Quality

Video & Media service

With over 30 years experience

But you think Video is beyond your budget,

you will be pleasantly surprised.

We make video easy,

and affordable !

Our personal relationship with you, the customer, ensures flexibility to develop all requirements in the production from talking heads or short dynamic clips to longer corporate presentations. We’ll script, film, edit, produce and supply your video just the way you and your customers need it.

Why add video to your website? Because web video is incredibly popular: YouTube alone gets 1 billion unique users per day, and as a commercial tool, video is hugely powerful, because people love it.

And video production costs less

than you think.

(Acrylic on canvas cm.100x120)


Traydarti supplying photography for Joe Maiden’s book and

DVD Videos

19/03/11 Bella 500 and Timothy Barritt has presented the Yorkshire Air Ambulance with £525.00 following a charity drive from Harrogate to Venice in his 1968 Fiat 500.

Video on your web page?

Traydarti receives awards from the

Palio Remiero Cavallino~Treporti Venice Italy